Fixing A Marriage Can Be Done No Matter How Long You’ve Been At It

Fixing a marriage can be done as long as you are committed to the process. 

What you need is good reliable guidance to help with the ups and downs your relationship will go through before it’s “fixed”.

The biggest reason for a broken marriage: An Affair.

While an affair is not the only reason for fixing a broken marriage, it does have the most power to turn your life upside down.

It doesn’t matter if the affair is emotional, physical, or online, it is traumatic to the affair victim.

If you are an affair victim in the midst of fxing your marraige you need to know:


Thousands of couples all over the world are going through the same thing as you. They are asking all of the same questions and experiencing all the emotions.

Have you been ”fixing” your marriage for awhile? Do you wonder if you’ll ever be able to build the marriage you once had?

With family, friends or media sources trying to tell you what to do, it makes your situation even more complicated.

Typically when one tries fixing a marriage they turn to more traditional methods: Marriage Counseling.

The problem with visiting a counselor is its so impersonal. You don’t know the person “counseling”  YOUR relationship, but they are expected to hand you the solution to your marriage problems.

So there you are, sitting in front of a perfect stranger, trying desperately to find the answers you need in order to get on with your life. Meanwhile, the bills are piling up fast and furious and you’re not fixing anything!

Even if you could go to counseling often, how much money do you have in your budget to allow you to do so?

 On average, a PHD Marriage Counselor will charge you $150-$250 PER hour.

Here is the ANOTHER problem: YOU have to make the appointments around when THEY are available.

So you’re working on fixing your marriage and you need to worry about the counselors time.

Usually the appointments are for an hour or two at the max. What can you possibly accomplish in a few short hours? And is it realistic to think you can go everyday? No. So……..

What about the time in between the appointments?

As you know its very easy to get off the “track” of healing. All you need is a good gust of wind and boom you’re back to fighting and the communication vital to your marriage’s recovery is GONE.

In order to be successful at fixing a marriage you need consistent guidance, available to you whenever you or your spouse need it. Something that will keep you in line with your goal: Fixing your marriage.

Would it not be nice to be apart of a community filled with people to support eachother because they are going through the same thing?

Check that out here. Follow the blog, its interactive and you can put down what you think. (Check out those free courses, they are WONDERFUL)

While there are no overnight results, its important to know the work is really up to both of YOU. Therefore, the guidance you seek should focus around you as a couple and show you step by step how to fix your marriage. It should also be accessible.

Based on this bit of thought, let me introduce you to’sHow To Survive An Affair” and “Saving Your Marriage“.

Two different programs, designed for you depending where you are in fixing your marriage.

Read my review of “How To Survive An Affair”.

Read my review of “Saving Your Marriage”.

Obviously, you should pick “How To Survive An Affair”, if you are dealing with the after shocks of an affair.

Choose “Saving Your Marriage” if one of the following has happened in your marriage:

  1. You have pushed your spouse away because you’ve been depressed.
  2. One of you has moved out of your home.
  3. You are on the brink of divorce

If you are not visiting because of an affair and need help with your marriage, click here for’s “Saving Your Marriage” to get you started.

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